Wildheart Motel

Creative Direction, Scenic Design

In pursuit of surreal living, Miguel’s Wildheart album philosophy is brought to life through a two day residency at Wildheart Motel. The event is a test of unconventionality in which Miguel’s ethos is abstracted into a series of motel room installations.

Process & Planning

WP&A rehabbed 21 motel rooms in Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles, to create a variety of experiential art. Motel rooms ranged from simple visual installs – blacklight murals, projection mapping, a 3-D grotto cave – to full immersive experiences, an occult room, a lie detector test room, and a karaoke bar room among others. Guests traveled from room to room in a maze of mystery and hedonism, with both nights culminating in unplanned live performances.


  • Creative Direction: WP&A
  • Production: A-R-E