Selena Gomez

Good For You into Same Old Love & Hands To Myself

Creative Direction

We wanted to create a simple and classic setting for Selena to sing a stripped down medley of Good For You into Same Old Love. As for Hands to Myself, one of Selena’s most sexy songs, we wanted to create a sensual environment but also a fun and unpredictable one.

Process & Planning

A dozen men seated in a semi circle surrounding Selena begin snapping in unison to cary the tempo of Good For You. As the medley progresses into Same Old Love the song breaks down into only snaps and by the bridge of the song the men are subtly engaged with Selena, standing and leaning in towards her. The men create a homogenous backdrop of imagined suiters. Hands to myself begins with Selena on a circular black satin bed on a marble platform laying alone pensively. By the end of the first verse she has walked downstage followed by a man who emerges from the bed. The two dance like lovers. A verse later, a 3rd emerges, a woman, who joins the two in a suggestion of a ménage à trois. The three dance intimately yet playfully.


  • Creative Direction: Willo Perron
  • Scenic Design: Willo Perron
  • Lighting Design: Jesse Blevins