MTV Video Vanguard Award 2016

Creative Direction, Scenic Design

The 2016 VMAs honors Rihanna with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. In rejection of the traditional, singular, long-winded medley performance, the show is split into four unique sections, celebrating the versatility of Rihanna.

Process & Planning

Four medleys in varying genres were showcased throughout the 2016 VMAs. Rihanna’s performances opened with a pop-dance segment on a pink monochromatic stage. The second show was an entirely dancehall themed set, accompanied by a party of 300 backup dancers. The third segment was video driven with a neon lightning bolt as scenic. The show’s finale closed elegantly with her ballads, accompanied by a band, a grand piano and full horn section.


  • Creative Direction: Willo Perron
  • Scenic Design: WP&A, Bonsoir Paris, Lauren Machen
  • Lighting Design: Jesse Blevins
  • Choreography: HiHat, Tanisha Scott, Parris Goebel
  • Styling: Mel Ottenberg