Florence + The Machine

How Big, How Blue Tour

Creative Direction, Scenic Design 

For Florence and the Machine’s 2015 festival tour we wanted to create a sense of natural and organic movement. The design encompasses the movement of wind, reflections on water and the light of fire to evoke a timeless, theatrical experience. A large circle descends over the stage for Florence’s final songs. The shape begins as a glowing red sun, transforms into a crescent moon, and becomes a luminous full moon to end the show.

Process & Planning

WP&A designed a wind-activated backdrop created by 20,000 antique, reflective copper chips–interconnected, but independently moving. Classic lighting fixtures bring together classic rock, disco and soul on the fluid golden set. Finally, a large circle emerges overhead as a scenic centerpiece for transforming and illuminative spheres.  


  • Creative Direction: Willo Perron
  • Scenic Design: Willo Perron
  • Lighting Design: Rob Sinclair