Scenic Design

ANTIdiaRY is a cryptic digital journey into the life of Rihanna in which the artist’s memories unfold in a series of eight episodes. Each episode correlates with an album release and represents a turning point in Rihanna’s life.

Process & Planning

Director Yoann Lemoine and WP&A built eight stunning yet enigmatic rooms on a soundstage to reveal Rihanna’s story of transformational growth through her music and personal development. The eight rooms include her bedroom, a recording studio, her closet, a tattoo parlor, a club, a hotel bathroom, and a vault. WP&A used symbolism from Rihanna’s personal life and incorporated surreal architectural design to create a captivating visual narrative.


  • Director: Yoann Lemoine
  • Creative Direction: WP&A
  • Production: Iconoclast
  • Set Design: Jeffrey Higinbotham and Willo Perron