Creative Direction, Scenic Design, Show Direction

ANTI tour moves through six strikingly different acts. The deliberately smooth transitions inspire a sense of traveling through a stripped down and unearthly future.

Process & Planning

WP&A took an unconventional approach in the design of ANTI tour. The stage begins with no accouterments. Each set piece and accompanying act comes into being gracefully and seamlessly. Innovative concepts were engineered to reveal and transport Rihanna, her band and her dancers. Old techniques were also implemented with deviations to inspire a futuristic simplicity. The design parallels the elevation of Rihanna as an artist currently, more precise and more elegant than ever before.


  • Creative Direction: Willo Perron
  • Scenic Design: Willo Perron
  • Lighting Design: Jesse Blevins
  • Choreography: HiHat Productions